Few sectors fit better with solar energy than farming. Both of them are part of many people’s fantasies of the quiet life, and a future where the people continue to thrive. In Central California feeding both crops and solar panels from the abundant sunlight only makes sense. Here at Premier Renewables, we build solar farms for commercial, agricultural, and industrial clients to help save the planet, and save them their bottom dollar. In today’s blog, we are discussing the natural partnership of the solar farms and agriculture, and how both sectors benefit.

Agriculture and Solar Energy

Both agriculture and solar energy rely on the tremendous amounts of energy that the sun beams down to the earth daily. Most of the United States receives more than enough sunlight to make solar energy a viable solution. Even our most northerly Alaskan neighbors benefit from solar power in their state. Here in Southern California, we might not get as much sun as Yuma, Arizona, but we have more than enough to make solar energy more worth it. A solar farm can sit on a plot, or series of plots, around your farming operation in areas that are not in use, while providing large-scale energy savings, and providing the energy for irrigation pumps, on-site housing, crop dryers, warm houses, livestock buildings, greenhouses, and more. Dairy farms can benefit from having their hot water provided by solar power or solar heaters for cleaning, or other dairy operations. Solar power is an exceptional alternative to building power lines out to remote sites as well. Building out a solar panel vs paying to have power lines extended can become cost effective in as little as 50 feet. This distance is longer for solar farms, but the result is not. Solar panels help farms become and maintain competitive edges and avoid undue costs and overhead.

Stay Steady with Solar Power

Solar energy isn’t just providing energy to remote sites, it is providing long-lasting, independent energy that can be stored in battery banks or resold to municipal providers. Solar panels are low maintenance with no moving parts, and built to last 25 years or more. They provide long-lasting energy that is priced by the cost to build it divided by the energy it produces. When a farm partners with us at Premier Renewables, we offer a full, 25-year financial analysis based on your finances and estimated energy production. We want to make sure that this investment doesn’t just help out in the short term, but is a long-term investment that pays for itself over time. This means that farms have one less commodity price to worry about. With the fluctuating prices of different crops, this can be a relief.

An Important Investment

With a 25-year life span, it’s difficult to think ahead that far, but as other clients have found, this investment not only pays itself off but increases the value and sellability of your work site for those just-in-case times. Beyond that, it’s an investment for the future of our planet and our children. Climate change and the damage of fossil fuels have pushed farmers and populations around the world into tenuous and uncertain times. Making a solar power investment is always a win-win situation.

If you are in the Southern California, Southern Central Valley, or the California Central Coast areas, Premier Renewables is the right solar power option for you. We provide excellent and cost-effective, custom solutions and get to know you in the long term. With our quality design and systems, we will save you the most money for the exact fit your need and be in touch for decades as we keep your system at peak performance. Contact us at 805-781-0881 or online to start learning more about what we can do for your business.