Solar farms have made a large debut in the agricultural industry over the last decade, bringing stability to ranchers and farmers whose livelihood is otherwise incredibly susceptible to spikes in the cost of electricity, natural gas, and oil. Not only that, but solar technology is also revolutionizing the way farmers operate by powering their buildings, greenhouses, barns, and even some heavy machinery with free, renewable energy. Solar energy is also used in agriculture to power lights, heating systems, and electric fences, while solar water pumps are making it possible for farmers to regain energy independence, rather than relying on expensive diesel generators.

Is Agricultural Solar Worth It?

Before the development of large-scale solar farms for agricultural use, ranchers and farmers had little choice but to rely on utility companies to power nearly all of their operations. From greenhouse heating, water pumping, and pesticide spraying to lighting livestock barns, powering processing facilities, and nearly everything else they do, agricultural businesses were some of the biggest consumers of non-renewable energy. But now, custom solar energy systems have been designed to serve the needs of farmers and ranchers so they, too, can reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills while maximizing efficiency and bringing in more money.

Choose Premier Renewables For Your Agricultural Solar Energy System

At Premier Renewables, commercial and agricultural solar panels are our specialty, and we’ve provided many dairies, wineries, ranches, and farms in the area with custom solar energy systems built just for them. Some of these include Mike Jackson Farms in Fresno and Kettleman City, Law Estate Winery in Paso Robles, Kingsburg Orchards in Kingsburg, and Cornerstone Packing & Cooling in Kingsburg.

Click here to see more of our agricultural solar projects, learn about our process, and contact us today for a free project proposal! Our solar panel engineers are passionate about transforming the agricultural industry into a green business, and it all starts with your decision to switch to solar.