Welcome to Premier Renewables’ inaugural blog. Throughout our blog, we’ll be discussing and examining the world of solar on a large scale, from commercial solar farms to what the technologies are and how they can help any business, including yours. As the world continues to change and evolve in this next century, solar power will continue to be a frontrunning technology that helps to transform lives and livelihoods at home and, especially, in business. At Premier Renewables, we specialize in helping industries thrive through the partnership of our long-lasting and energy-saving solar farms. In today’s blog, we will discuss some of the fundamentals of solar power and business.

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First off, what is solar power? Solar power is the creation of electricity directly from the sun. This process can occur in a variety of means, but for our purposes of understanding the industry, large-scale energy production is generally created through solar photovoltaics (solar panels) and/or solar thermal energy.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

These days, technology and the market has made solar panels a hot commodity, and very competitive in the energy sector as a whole. Solar panels use pairs of semiconductors that essentially allow photons to displace the electrons from materials, such as silicon. This process requires no moving parts or liquids, and requires little to no maintenance, other than checks for weather and environmental wear.

Solar Thermal Energy

Solar thermal energy uses hundreds or thousands of mirror arrays to redirect and concentrate light from the sun onto a heating tower, which contains water, salts, and other liquids. These arrays concentrate sunlight up to 1500 times per mirror. This tremendous increase in energy causes the water in the tower to boil and become steam. This expansion from liquid to gas provides the energy needed to spin large turbines that generate the electricity. Though these systems are efficient, with 24/7 power generation through the use of molten salts as thermal batteries, they are very large, have limited funding, and, most of all, they currently create energy at a higher cost per Kw than advanced photovoltaic solar power. This is why Premier Renewables uses only photovoltaic solar panel farms for our clients.

Commercial and Industrial Solar Panels

As solar panels have grown in efficiency and dropped in cost, they have become a mainstay in the residential sector, creating an average of 80 percent of a household’s energy. This shift towards energy independence and lower costs has begun to catch on in the commercial sector as well. Companies that are looking for solar tax credits, lower energy costs, and a great long-term investment use our services to plan, construct, and maintain solar panels on or near their business. These help appeal to green-minded customers, while allowing businesses to invest in not only their onsite infrastructure, but also their community. Companies that use energy intensive servers, manufacturing, and product development stand to gain much through the partnership of commercial and solar power.

Agricultural Solar Farms

Even farms need solar farms. Agriculture makes up one of our larger markets for a good reason. Using solar power for pump and facility energy for small to large scale commercial farming helps to boost productivity, ensures better finances, and allows energy to be credited back to their municipal or commercial power supplier if unused. These big advantages helps to cut costs and priced agribusiness with shelter from fluctuating energy prices of traditional fossil fuels.

Premier Renewables

Solar power simply is the future. Fossil fuels and other non renewables are being overtaken by advances and large-scale investment shifts into renewable energy and solar power in particular. When your business is ready to make the shift, Premier Renewables provides exemplary service. We meet with you to plan your commercial solar installation from the day it’s running and into the future, with custom, project-wide financial analysis, solar farm design, construction, maintenance, and professional service throughout the entire process. If you are looking for the best commercial solar farms in Southern California, Southern Central Valley, and the California Central Coast, Premier Renewables offers the best services, design, and implementation in the area. Contact us today!