In our last blog post, we discussed a few of the main reasons why it’s worth it to invest in a solar energy system for your commercial farm. These include energy conservation, lower utility bills, state and federal tax credits, and the energy independence farmers get when they rely on free energy from the sun rather than an unpredictable market (especially oil and natural gas), weather patterns, and water availability. Now that you know some of the main benefits of having a solar farm installed for your agricultural company, let’s look at some of the ways solar energy can be used in the agricultural industry!

Solar Water Pumping & Irrigation

As California’s Top Rated Local® commercial solar company specializing in agricultural solar power systems, we know better than anyone just how important water access is for both small-scale and commercial farms. While many agricultural companies still use traditional utility companies for their irrigation needs, many are making the switch to photovoltaic water pumping systems. These solar water pumps are incredibly efficient and adaptable — they run on free energy when the sun is shining and work at high speed (and longer) in the summer when crops need more water.

Solar-Powered Farm Equipment & Machinery

In addition to powering your farm’s irrigation systems, solar farms can also provide free energy to power your agricultural machinery and equipment. Crop drying, processing, and packaging systems can all be powered by solar energy, as can some machinery involved in fertilization, pesticide spraying, and more. While tractors run solely on diesel and gasoline, other aspects of crop harvesting can be accomplished using free energy from your solar farm, which greatly reduces your energy consumption overall.

Solar Heating, Lighting & Ventilation

One aspect of solar energy in agriculture that we haven’t touched on yet is how it can be used for greenhouses and livestock. Given that most greenhouse heating systems rely on traditional electricity, solar energy can replace this dependence on your local utility company by providing you with free heat, light, and ventilation throughout the day and night (using stored solar energy). Greenhouses are notorious for consuming loads of energy on a daily basis, as the crops inside require a specific temperature and light level to survive and grow. Replacing this constant energy consumption with renewable energy from the sun is one of the best things you can do to lower your carbon footprint without sacrificing your greenhouse operations.

Livestock is a whole other animal when it comes to the benefits of solar farms for your agricultural business (see what we did there?), as nearly every single aspect of caring for livestock can be accomplished using free solar power. Grain feeding systems, potable water pumps, meat processors, and more can run on solar power, eliminating your reliance on gas and electricity when you need to feed, water, and slaughter livestock. Solar heating, lighting, and ventilation systems also come in handy during the winter months so you can keep your livestock happy and healthy year-round.

Choose Premier Renewables For Your Agricultural Solar Farm

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