In Paso Robles, California desirable wine is not the only thing trending, sustainability has also become a popular addition to the local area. By now, almost everyone in California is aware of the drought and with a growing concern for the lack of water, the wine industry has made an effort to increase sustainability practices. One of most recent additions to Paso Robles is Law Estate Winery. The Winery sits on a 55 acre site in Paso Robles, CA with a 360-degree panoramic view of coastal and country landscape. It is a 23,800-square-foot SIP Certified winery, reflecting a minimal approach and an appreciation for the land. Designed with sustainability in mind by San Francisco-based firm, BAR Architects, the winery incorporates elements such as landscaped drought responsible plants and pitched roofs to harvest rainwater. Most recently, a solar energy system was incorporated into the facility.

With increased sustainability and financial goals at the forefront, solar has become a helpful addition to the Paso wine industry. The area is known for its Mediterranean climate providing both excellent grape growing conditions and solar energy production capabilities. Law Estate Winery’s 100 kW solar installation is one of the most recent solar energy systems to the area. Designed by Premier Renewables LLC and completed Fall of this year, the solar project resides on a steep slope that was not ideal for growing. The winery owners were able to take advantage of what their property had to offer coupled with the currently low solar costs, to provide themselves with a great financial opportunity.

The owners Don and Susie Law decided to look into solar energy for financial and sustainability reasons in order to further support their winery. After researching multiple companies Law Winery chose Premier Renewables LLC to design their solar energy system. Because they are a local company and knowledgeable in the solar and agricultural industries, they were a great fit. Unlike many of the recently developed solar companies that have opened as the solar industry progresses, Premier Renewables has a positive and long standing history which made Don and Susie Law feel confident in the company and their work. After exploring several design options with the help of Premier Renewables, and J. Buchanan, Law Estate decided to go with a purchase outright scenario rather than a finance or lease structure. This allowed them to take advantage of the 30% federal tax incentives and MACRS depreciation to help reduce the project cost by about 65%. The PV system they installed is projected to reduce their PG&E bill by about half and will pay for itself in under 7 years. Premier Renewables handled all aspects of the interconnection with the utility to ensure the process went as smooth and easily as possible. The solar project was completed without any facility interruptions, which was crucial as the construction took place during harvest. Law Estate is extremely happy with the project and is excited to start saving not just environmentally, but financially as well. Annually, the solar energy system is anticipated to produce 350,000 kWh’s. Now Don and Susie Law can feel even more confident with their long term view of the facility (not that their complex ultra-premium wine won’t continue to speak for itself throughout the coming years) knowing their solar installation will be of benefit environmentally and financially at both the present and future.

More about Law Estate:

Law Estate Winery specializes in Rhone and Priorat style wines. They are committed to not only making exceptional wines, but applying sustainable and organic farming practices as well. The Winery implements environmentally friendly practices through the use of natural light, gravity for the movement of wine instead of popular pumping methods, temperature controlled buildings, and a bio-reactor to recycle production waste. Their wines have won several accolades. If you ever find yourself in Paso Robles, definitely stop by Law Estate winery!

More about Premier Renewables:

Premier Renewables is a local company that specializes in agricultural, commercial, and industrial solar energy systems. They focus on offering turnkey solutions specifically tailored for each client and application. Premier Renewable is committed to providing personalized, high quality, and cost effective energy systems to their clients. For more information visit, call (805) 781- 0881, or email us at