1. Cloud Inc. Goes Solar

    Premier Renewables recently completed a rooftop solar project for Cloud Inc. in San Luis Obispo. Cloud Inc. offers a wide range of products to provide the highest quality Rotary Impingement tank cleaning machines, equipment, and service available. Premier Renewables recently designed a 100 kW sola…Read More

  2. Paso Robles Winery, Law Estate Install Solar

    In Paso Robles, California desirable wine is not the only thing trending, sustainability has also become a popular addition to the local area. By now, almost everyone in California is aware of the drought and with a growing concern for the lack of water, the wine industry has made an effort to inc…Read More

  3. UCSB Installs Solar

    November 2014 – The University of California Santa Barbara is excited to announce the completion of a 423 kW solar energy system on campus. The project, located on the upper level of the Parking 22 garage near the Thunderdome indoor sports arena, consists of 1,800 high efficiency solar panels mou…Read More

  4. UCSB Installs Solar

    Premier Renewables is excited to announce that the solar project they designed for UC Santa Barbara is now underway. This solar project is a student led renewable energy initiative idea to help UC Santa Barbara's push towards increasing the College's sustainability. The project is currently unde…Read More

  5. 2.3 MW Agricultural Well Pumps

    We are excited to announce the completion of our 2.3 MW solar energy system in Kettleman City, California. This system was designed to offset the high energy use of four large agricultural well pumps, ranging in size from 175 hp to 350 hp. This system includes four solar energy systems, for a total…Read More

  6. West Hills Community College, Farm of the Future

    We are excited to see our Farm of the Future solar project featured in the West Hills Community College magazine! This project is one of our most recently completed agricultural solar systems. Visit our Farm of the Future solar project (located on our projects page) to read the article. http://www.…Read More