With commercial solar panels becoming more popular in recent years, business owners are starting to wonder what the difference is between standard and custom solar panels. As the leading solar company for agricultural, commercial, and industrial companies in San Francisco, Premier Renewables is here to explain what defines each kind. That being said, here are the main differences between standard and custom commercial solar panels, and when you should choose one over the other.

Solar Panel Size

One of the main differences between standard and custom solar power systems is the size of each panel and the scope of the solar roof or solar farm. Standard commercial solar systems have been around for years, and you’ve likely seen them atop older office buildings and facilities. These solar energy systems are rectangular in shape, are only available in a few sizes, and are positioned side by side, leaving you with few options about where to install them aside from a flat side of your commercial roof.

Custom solar panels, on the other hand, come in many different sizes that can be specially made to fit the roof of your business or an optimal space on your property. Say you own a business that is located in a pentagon-shaped building, for example. A custom solar company can craft uniquely shaped solar shingles or panels that integrate seamlessly with the design of the building. This way, you won’t have to worry about standard solar panels getting damaged and falling off of your commercial roof because they simply don’t fit.

Solar Panel Shape

Hand in hand with the size of commercial solar panels is the different shapes custom solar panels offer that standard designs do not. Trust us — you won’t find standard solar panels in a concave or convex shape that tuck into an uneven roof or act as shingles. With custom solar panels, the possibilities are endless for what shape you want them in. Need to fill an awkward space on your commercial roof with solar shingles or tapered solar panels? You got it. Want to implement a wave of curved solar panels on the ground of your commercial property, feet away from the building itself? No problem.

Solar Panel Purpose

Of course, another major difference between standard and custom solar panels is the purpose they serve. While both are viable options that can save your business loads of money due to lower energy bills, tax write-offs, and other financial incentives, they each offer different capabilities. Say you need to power a multi-building facility, for example. A standard set of glass/backsheet solar panels with aluminum frames, foil, stringed solar cells, a junction box, and other bulky features might not be the best choice when you can opt for a custom-made design that fits smoothly on all the buildings and integrates all the right features. These custom PV cells can include different shapes and thicknesses of resin, aluminum, flexible front sheets, and other aspects that utilize the latest technology so you get the most out of them.

Solar Panel Price

At first, many business owners are under the impression that custom solar panels are far more expensive than standard ones — and yes, they used to be. But times have changed thanks to solar companies like us who make the latest solar technology affordable for any business, organization, or facility, no matter how big or small. Since custom solar panels have taken over in recent years, standard solar energy systems are beginning to fade into the past as more and more people are finding it worthwhile to invest in solar panels that are made specifically for them.

If you are interested in having custom solar panels designed, engineered, and installed on your commercial property, contact Premier Renewables in San Francisco for an estimate on your project!